Unlike other datagenerators, this one is completely automatic because it scans your local databases !

mysql datagenerator
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New custom options: Lorem pixel, GPS
New output types: JSON, PHP array, CSV

Country-specific, real-life data, more fun ...

Choose from many predefined types of values such as surnames, firstnames, streets, postalcodes, emailaddresses, states, provences, Bundesländer, countries, telephonenumbers, url's, md5, screenresolutions, colorcodes, mimetypes, fileextensions, filenames, IP addresses, INET_ATON, months, dates, years, timestamps, times etc.

That can be useful for testing performance, `sorting` functions, for viewing the look and feel of a website, checking if functions which do some math are working as you expect etc.

Supported countries for localization are USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany and France.

Generating is fast and easy ...

With this application you can easily insert multiple rows into your local database with random data.

Developers or hobby programmers save a lot of time inserting data in the database for testing purposes. Besides, it's not just boring lorem ipsum, but real-life data, so much more fancy when you present your website or application to your customers. And more fun while testing.

MySQL Datagenerator automatically scans your local databases and determines which datatypes are used. It takes account of primary keys, autoincr, foreign keys and unique keys.
Select the options that match the content of your columns, set a range or create your own values.


You need to have a local Apache webserver with PHP, phpMyAdmin and MySQL installed. The easiest way to do this is to install XAMPP (free software).

No installation required

Extract the zipfile and put the extracted folder "datagenerator" in your local webfolder and type in your browser: "localhost/datagenerator", that's all ...

You can start generating testdata.

Watch the demo
Read the documentation (pdf)
Read the quickstart

What makes MySQL Datagenerator better than generatedata.com, aside from automated selecting the database table columns?

— it’s much faster, you can insert data in multiple tables right away
— it controls primary keys, foreign keys and unique keys automatically
— you have a complete quick overview of example values
— you can save your configurations for later use
— you can directly import into your database
— available options match the datatype of the columns
— there are more custom options
— you can set ranges and set your own specific values, this gives you unlimited freedom of choosing values
— real country-specific data like names, streets, cities (much more exciting than just lorem ipsum)
realistic data looks better when you present your application or website
— quickly get response on support and feature requests
— you can work with it without internet connection